Opera 48 is now available with some improved features

The new version of Opera Browser is now available for download. The new Opera 48 has been released with some new and improved features. In this version you will find a pop up tool with currency converter, unit and time zone converters. This tool is very helpful for you who needs unfamiliar measurements directly from the browser. You will also notice the new snapshot tool that allows us to take screenshot of the website directly without additional/third party screenshot tool. This new Opera 48 is available for Mac, Windows and also for Linux OS. 

Opera 48 Features

Easier Search

The new Opera’s search pop up tool is now improved. This feature allows us to highlight text and then perform additional search, copy and share action.

opera 48 popup tool

Convert measurements, time zones and currencies

The new Opera 48 now has 16 measurement units and 14 time zones. You can also find 32 currencies for conversion tasks. You can easily highlight the value and the conversion result will be displayed in the popup. Then you may copy and paste it somewhere.

Built in Snapshot Tool

You may take snapshot of some part of the website with this tool. Then, you can save it to for example .PNG format. It’s a great addition to a web browser. 

Built in VPN

This is not a new feature but for me, the free built in VPN on Opera Browser is a great value for most users. 

More Features to come

Please check out the official announcement or release note to see more features and detailed information. 

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