OpenMandriva LX 3.03 Screenshots Tour

This is the new version of OpenMandriva LX 3.0 codename Einsteinium, an interesting Linux desktop operating system. This new OpenMandrive is powered by KDE Plasma 5 and Linux Kernel 4.13.13. It is very comfortable Linux operating system for Desktop. We have some nice screenshots of this new OpenMandrive 3.03.

The Boot Splash


I am running this OpenMandriva on a USB Bootable Disk. If you want to try this OS, we recommend to run it via Live USB. Use Etcher on Windows 10 to create OpenMandriva Bootable Live USB.

The Desktop and App Menu

As you can see OM 3.0 has a nice boot splash with background dominated by blue color. The OpenMandriva desktop will reveal after the boot splash.

openmandriva 3.0 desktop.png

The KDE Plasma Desktop is very smooth, fast and beautiful. The application menu on the bottom left also very responsive.

openmandriva 3.0 desktop 1

System Settings

openmandriva system settings.png

Like in any other KDE Plasma powered Linux, the system settings on OpenMandriva consist of many tools to configure the system. Its a useful set of tools.

The File Manager

dolphin file manager.png

Dolphin File Manager is the default file manager on OpenMandriva. Its an easy to use and comfortable file manager ever made.

Software Manager

OpenMandriva 3.0 comes with many software. But, in case you need to add more software, simply use the Software Manager. Its a convenient software manager you can use to manage your software. RPMDrake is a GUI software manager on OpenMandriva.

rpmdrake software manager.png

Installed Applications

As I mentioned before, this distribution comes with many installed software such as Firefox, Simple Screen Recorder, SMPlayer, VLC Media Player, LibreOffice and many more.

installed app on openmandriva.png

Final Thoughts

OpenMandriva 3.0 is a great Linux distribution. Its not a new distro and also it is pretty stable, great for desktop use. It has the beautiful KDE Plasma as the default desktop. For more information and download, please visit the OpenMandriva website.

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