Nextcloud 13.0 Theme Customization Made Easy

The new version of Nextcloud 13.0 brings a lot of improvements. There are many technical improvements under the hood. We have installed the new Nextcloud 13.0 on our Debian 9 Stretch. Its an awesome experiences when using this new Nextcloud 13.0. We do feel that the new Nextcloud is very lightweight. Even we installed Debian 9 on our VirtualBox, the Nextcloud installed inside Debian 9 feels so comfortable, fast and lightweight.

We do love the new theming feature in Nextcloud 13.0. Actually its not new but I notice that this Theming feature is not enabled by default on the previous version. Its a nice tool to customize Nextcloud without having to know coding.

nextcloud 13 theming.png

We can now change our logo and background from Nextcloud web admin console. To change the default Nextcloud logo, simply use the upload button to upload new logo, as well as login image/background.

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