MySQLBackupFTP 5.0.7 – A Powerful MySQL Backup Software

I was looking for an a simple MySQL Backup software for Windows. I just downloaded the new version of MySQLBackupFTP, a comprehensive and rich features MySQL Backup Software for Windows. This software is simple, easy to use and exactly what I need. I don’t need fancy looking stuffs to complete the job. MySQLBackupFTP is simply works. With this tool, I can easily connect my local and remote MySQL Server. 

Choosing the best backup software for your MySQL Server is a tricky task. Some software only support for local backup destination only. In 2017, you will need to consider move your backup to the cloud storage. There are various reasons why you should do this. By storing the backup in the cloud, you can easily restore your database anywhere, anytime. 


MySQLBackupFTP Features

  • Automatic backup scheduling
  • Local and Remote server support
  • Store backup to cloud storage (Box, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.)
  • AES Encryption support
  • E-mail notification
  • Support multi databases backup

Pricing and Plans

There are 5 different versions or plans of the MySQLBackupFTP. If you are managing a single SQL Server with less than 5 databases, you should go with Lite Version. It’s a good package for personal or small business.

- Schedule My Sql Database Backups
- Send backups to FTP, local or network folder, Dropbox , Box
- Send e-mail confirmation
- Unlimited number of databases to backup using "Run Now" button
- Same as Free Version
- Send backups to Google Drive
- All Lite Version plus
- Send backup to Amazon S3, OneDrive
- Same as Standard Version plus:
- Send Backup to Microsoft Windows Azure
- AES Encryption
- Advanced FTP options
Professional Lifetime
- Same as Professional plus:
- Free lifetime update

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Supported Cloud Storage

You can choose the cloud storage you like. You can use Google Drive, Box, OneDrive Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox. 

Our Review

What else do you expect from a backup software. With this tool, you can create your own schedule backup jobs easily. You only need to select the estimation for your backup plan that suits your needs. Then, MySQLBackupFTP will automatically perform backup your databases with no user intervention. Also, it won’t interfering with other software or displaying annoying pop-up messages.

We were satisfied working with MySQLBackupFTP. We can easily set the database backup plan once and then it will automatically perform routine backup to our databases. If you understand how to use mysqldump, you may use that powerful MySQL backup command. But, the command does not support cloud storage. You will need a lot of work to configure it. 

If you are looking for a free alternative to MySQLBackupFTP, you can try HeidiSQL. It also perform very well to backup MySQL Database.

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