How to mount Cloud Storage on Ubuntu 16.04

Welcome to, today we will talk about client on Ubuntu 16.04. is a popular cloud storage provider. It offers free cloud storage for 10 GB and upgradeable to any size you need. client is only available for Windows and does not offer official client application for Linux, including Ubuntu. Box is very easy to use, stable and it is very handy. Since there is no client for Ubuntu, we need to find other possibilities in order to mount storage on Ubuntu. This tutorial is going to show you how to mount storage on Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks to Box2Tux application built by Alfredobonino. Find his page on GitHub.

Box2Tux is a an open source project and it is a client for Gnome, Elementary OS (Pantheon), Unity and other gtk+3 based desktop environment. So, it should works with Ubuntu 16.04 without problems. You will need your username and password for to use this software. Lets get started. 

Steps to mount Storage on Ubuntu

Step 1. Download Box2Tux

Open Box2Tux page on github and click Clone to start downloading the package. Or, you can use the following command to download the package via Terminal.

git clone

You may need to install git first if you don’t have it yet

sudo apt install git

Step 2. Extract the Zip package

If you are downloading as ZIP package, simply extract the package and you will have a new directory called Box2Tux-master or something like that. If you open the folder you will see the following files in there

Step 3. Make the package executable

Now we need to make the box2tux package executable. Do this in Terminal

cd Box2Tux-master
chmod +x box2tux

Step 4. Run the Box2Tux

Now we can run the program with the following command


Enter your username and password when asked to

Now you should see the storage mounted on your File Manager. It called See the following screenshot

mount storage on ubuntu

Thanks for reading this tutorial to mount Storage on Ubuntu. See you on the next tutorial. 


  1. Right click on the new location and “Add Bookmark”. After this, unmunt Box account and try to mount again by clicking the Bookmark. You will be asked for user credentials, enter credentials and also select the “Remember forever” radio button to save the credentials. That’s it.

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