Manjaro Deepin 17.1 Review – Stable and Good Looking Linux Distro

Hello everyone, I just downloaded the latest stable version of Manjaro Deepin 17.1. Manjaro Deepin is a community release of Manjaro with Deepin Desktop as the default DE. This is a nice looking distribution. It’s even better than the original Deepin Linux. This article will explore a bit deeper about Manjaro 17.1 Deepin. I tested this distro on Virtualbox, something that is not recommended when you use Deepin Linux. Deepin is a “heavy” Linux distribution and it won’t run very well on Virtual machine. But Manjaro Deepin is something different. Its pretty lightweight and can be installed on a Virtual Machine. 

Manjaro Deepin 17.1 is powered by Linux Kernel 4.14.53 and Deepin Desktop version 15.6. These combinations give us a great user experiences and will take you to the next level of computing when using Linux. Forget about perception that using Linux is difficult, ugly and not comfortable. This Linux distro will slightly change your mind.

Manjaro Deepin 17.1 Desktop

Talking about the most beautiful Linux distribution, I would choose Manjaro Deepin 17.1. It comes with the brand new Deepin Desktop version 15.6. This is the latest stable version of Deepin Desktop. I like the semi-dark wallpaper on this distro. As you can see, Deepin Dock sits very nicely at the bottom while some icons displayed on the main desktop. 

The App Launcher

Deepin Desktop is always my favorite. The application launcher works smoothly even I run my Manjaro Deepin on a Virtualbox. This launcher makes finding applications much easier. Also, it looks pretty isn’t it?

The Control Center

Deepin Desktop offers a better way to access the Settings page. You don’t have to move away from your desktop just to open the Settings. The Control Center will pop up on the right side of the main screen. It provides access to all the Settings in Manjaro Deepin. You can change wallpaper, icon theme, or even set up the VPN connection from the Control Center.

manjaro deepin 17.1

How to be more productive with Manjaro Deepin?

Speaking of productivity, I am going to start with how this distro works with my Full HD resolution monitor. To be honest, this is the best Linux distribution I ever tried in term of the resolution support. I feel very comfortable with my current resolution settings. All icons and text looks pretty clear, hi res and nice looking. I mostly use Linux for writing, coding and testing some Linux software. Also I use Linux for some light GIS works. Manjaro Deepin 17.1 make all these tasks pretty easy.

There are some standard applications such as Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, and some multimedia applications. I am not too worry about applications because Manjaro with its Pacman will sort my needs of installing applications.

Which Linux Distribution you are using now? Try the Manjaro Deepin 17.1 and share your experiences with us.


  1. Hello, I changed recently from ubuntu, it was breaking up too much. 5 days ago I tried Manjaro Deepin and I’m really surprised, it’s really easy to install and customize. Besides, my students (they are only kids) are fascinated by it. Thank you Manjaro Deepin

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