How to Make Fedora 27 More Beautiful

To be honest, I don’t like the default look of my Fedora 27 GNOME. It’s pretty flat and not eye catching at all. I am pretty sure you feel the same. This tutorial is going to show you how to make Fedora 27 more beautiful with some nice icons and GTK theme. There are many great themes and icon available that can make Fedora 27 more eye catching. Are you ready? 

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Steps to Make Fedora 27 More Beautiful

There are many ways to modify your Fedora 27. These are some of the tricks that works most of the time. There are many great icons and themes you can find on the net.

A. Change Wallpaper

There are many ways to make our desktop more beautiful. The first thing is change the default wallpaper. You can find many great wallpapers for free from You can choose from many wallpapers for free.

B. Install New Icons and Theme

There are many beautiful GTK3 theme available for download from the following websites:

There are many others but those three source should be enough to get started. Below, we will show you some example of the nice theme and icons you can apply on Fedora 27.


Fedora 27 Looks like Mac OS X Sierra

This is my favorite theme for my Linux desktop. MacOS Sierra theme is developed by B00merang team. It looks great on my Fedora 27.

Our Settings:

To apply theme and icon theme, we need Gnome Tweak Tool to be installed on Fedora.

make fedora 27 more beautiful

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