KDE Neon 5.17-The Best Windows 7 Replacement

Windows 7 users has two options if they still want to use Windows as their OS. Either upgrade to Windows 10 or pay an extended support for Windows 7 which is not cheap. But there is a better way to leave Windows environment by installing Linux. The problem is there are so many Linux variants which could become another problem for a new Linux user. The new version of KDE Neon 5.17 is available. This Linux distro brings so many refreshing features you need.

Simply Beautiful

The KDE Plasma 5.17.5 in this distribution is super awesome. It is simply beautiful. Smooth effects, blur and shadows used in this desktop will not slow down your computer. It runs very fast, responsive and lightweight.

kde neon 5.17

Easy to Use

Switching from Windows 7 or Windows 10? Not a problem. KDE Plasma features a simple and easy to use application menu that all Windows users should be familiar of. You can quickly find any application you want. The installed applications are grouped into categories.

Easy to Customize

KDE Plasma is a fully customizable desktop. Compared to Gnome, KDE has more possibility to user to modify the desktop. Also, it is way easier to install and apply new themes without having to download the theme files manually.

Under the System Settings, we have full control over the look and feel. Download GTK theme, plasma theme directly from the System Settings is very easy.

Fast and Lightweight

I used KDE Neon and some other KDE based Linux distribution but I have never had this speed. The new KDE Neon 5.17 and maybe all KDE Plasma based Linux now way faster, better and more lightweight. It is very comfortable to use it as a main operating system.

KDE Neon 5.17 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 with KDE Plasma 5.17. If you need a lightweight desktop which is capable to replace your outdated Windows 7, KDE Neon 5.17 is a great option. Download it from the link below:


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  1. I have to say yes on this one. KDE in general gave me the extra push I needed to make the full transition from Windows 7 to Linux as my daily driver because I refused to use 8 or 10.

    I am presently using KDE Neon. But before that, I was on Mint KDE. From my experience, Mint KDE wasn’t that stable. But once I moved to KDE Neon, wow! Holy shit! So stable that I forgot that I’m using it.

    I rarely ever need Windows. If I need Windows, I have it in a VM with a GTX 750 TI in a PCI passthrough. Yes, I game a bit and mostly everything works in WINE without Windows.

    I don’t see myself returning to Windows as my daily driver ever again; especially 10. I never used 10 except for the near end of a semester on a laptop. Other than that, I don’t want to use 10 ever as my OS.

    Also, if I can get a 60 year old; a total computer illiterate, my mom, using KDE Neon, anyone can use it I think. She uses it for a TV PC and her laptop. It’s nice and it just works.

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