How to install Webmin on Ubuntu 16.04 via repository

Ubuntu Tutorial for Beginner – Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how install Webmin on Ubuntu 16.04 Server via repository. By installing Webmin via repository, we can easily update to any future release of Webmin. Before we go through, I assume you have installed Ubuntu 16.04 already. You can install it on a local machine, as a guest machine or even you can create it on a cloud infrastructure such as Amazon or DigitalOcean. The latest version of Webmin 1.840 is available when this post is written.

install webmin on ubuntu 16.04

Steps to install Webmin on Ubuntu 16.04

Step 1. Setup the repository

Edit the sources.list file and then add the webmin repository to it.

Add the following line to the bottom

Add the key

Now update Ubuntu and install Webmin


Step 2. Access Webmin

Once the installation is completed, open a web browser and type the server IP address using the following format


You may see the following screen on the first time. Simply add exception to it.

Finally, Webmin is ready

install webmin on ubuntu 16.04

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