How to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Debian 8, Debian 9

Hello, welcome to Manjaro.Site. If you are planning to install Debian 8 or Debian 9 on Virtualbox, you may need to install the Virtualbox Guest Additions afterward. This tutorial is going to show you hot to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Debian 8 and Debian 9. Read this post if you want to install Virtualbox on Debian 9.

Why we need to install Guest Additions?

If the Guest Additions is not enabled on the guest machine, you won’t get the most of the guest OS. For example, you can not enter the full screen mode, clipboard sharing feature between host and guest machine is disabled and many more. So, installing Guest Additions is a mandatory task. 

Steps to Install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Debian 


There are some things we need to prepare before we install the Guest Additions. 

  1. Update and upgrade Debian
  2. Install additional packages
  3. Building supported Kernel

Update and Upgrade Debian system

Log in to your Debian and open Terminal console to perform update. 

Install additional packages

Without these packages installed, the Guest Additional install process will failed

Output example:

Build Kernel Module

Now we need to prepare our system to build the kernel module

Output example

Install Guest Additions

Now, go to Devices | Install Guest Additions from your Virtualbox menu. 

Click the CDROM drive on the left panel as above. You will see list of the files inside the Guest Additions CD ROM/ISO. Now right click and select Open in Terminal. Install the Guest Additions with the following command

Wait until the installation completed. Reboot Debian afterward.

After reboot, your Guest Additions should be working and now you can enjoy Debian with Full Version supports. 

install virtualbox guest additions on Debian

Thanks for reading this How to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Debian. See you on the next tutorial.

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