How to install LAMP Server on Fedora 26

Fedora Tutorial – Hello Linux, today we will show you how to install LAMP Server on Fedora 26. LAMP Server is an essential parts if you want to build a powerful, rock solid web application server. LAMP Server and Fedora 26 is a great combination for your server. LAMP Server is combination between Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP. And today we will guide you step by step install LAMP Server on Fedora 26. After we have LAMP Server installed on our system, we can then install various web application such as Owncloud, Nextcloud, Pydio and many more.

Steps to install LAMP Server on Fedora 26

Step 1. Enable EPEL and REMI Repository

First, we need to enable EPEL and REMI repository on Fedora 26. Please visit our previous tutorial to enable these repositories.

Step 2. Install Apache web server

First we need to install Apache web server. Log in to Fedora server and execute this command as root

Output sample

Start and enable Apache

Enable http through firewalld

Now open web browser and type the Fedora 26 IP address. You should see the following page.

install lamp server on fedora 26

At this point, our Apache web server is running and well configured.

Step 3. Install MariaDB

To install MariaDB, use the following command

The command will install MariaDB instead of MySQL Server. But that’s oke since MariaDB is a fork of MySQL Server. After install, start and enable MariaDB

The next step is to secure the MariaDB. The default MariaDB password is none. Simply press Enter when asked.


Step 4. Install PHP

Now install PHP with the following command


Now we have Apache, MariaDB and PHP installed on Fedora 26. At this point, our LAMP Server is ready. Thank you for reading this how to install LAMP Server on Fedora 26. See you on the next tutorial.

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