Install Google Chrome on Elementary OS Loki 0.4.1

Elementary OS Tutorial – Hello Everyone, today we will show you how to install Google Chrome on Elementary OS Loki 0.4.1. Epiphany is the default web browser on Elementary OS Loki and personally I don’t like it much. It lacks performance and features. So, I need to install another web browser to replace it. Google Chrome and Firefox is a good choice. The latest version of Google Chrome 58.0 is now available and installing Google Chrome on Elementary OS is very easy.

install google chrome on elementary os

Steps to install Google Chrome on Elementary OS Loki

Step 1. Download Google Chrome DEB Package

Google Chrome is available in DEB format for Debian based Linux. We can use this DEB file on Elementary OS Loki. First, download it from the link below and save it to your local directory.

Step 2. Install Gdebi

I recommend you to install Gdebi tool. Its very handy and useful DEB installer for Elementary OS and other Linux. Use this command below to install gdebi.

Example Output:

Step 3. Install Google Chrome

Now after gdebi is installed, we can start installing the Google Chrome DEB package with the following command


Now Google Chrome 58.0 should be installed and ready


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