FreeFileSync, The best Sync GUI Tool for Linux

FreeFileSync is a free synchronization tool that available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It comes with a simple graphical interface. With this tool, we can easily sync, update and backup folders from one server to another. Or, simply sync two different folders locally. FreeFileSync supports real time sync, so we can have two folders with the exact content with automatic sync in the background.

FreeFileSync will compare two folders (or more) we specified, and it will display any possible actions to the data inside those folders. It can be update, add new, remove depends on the Sync settings.

We may change the file comparison and synchronization settings as well as add some additional filters to FreeFileSync.

Real Time Sync between two folders also possible using RealTimeSync.

FreeFileSync is a great Sync tool available for free with many features. But, if you are looking for a sync tool that supports cloud services, FreeFileSync is not for you. It does not support Google Drive, Amazon S3 natively. I hope they will add this features to this great FreeFileSync.

You can try it your self, download FreeFileSync for Ubuntu Linux from this link. It does not requires installation.

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