How to install Atom on Linux Mint 18.3

Hello everyone, welcome to another Linux Mint tutorial. Today we are going to show you how to install Atom on Linux Mint 18.3. Before we go through, many of you may ask what is Atom. Well, Atom is a great software, a text editor with so many features. Its not just an ordinary text editor. You can use atom to write your code in various programming language such as PHP, Shell script, Python and many more.

Atom Features:

  • Nice user interface, support theme customization
  • Very expandable by installing additional packages
  • Support version control with GitHub
  • Cross Platform text editing
  • Auto completion
  • Multiple panes
  • Find and replace supports

For more information, please visit the official Atom website. There have been many of users who uses Atom for various purposes. You can use it for a simple text editor or you can use it to build your code. The auto completion feature is very useful.

Steps to install Atom on Linux Mint 18.3

Well the following installation is not specific to Linux Mint 18.3. You can use this method on other Linux Mint version or even you can also use it on Ubuntu.

Step 1. Download Atom DEB Package

Click this link to download the installation package immediately. Save it to your local directory for example /tmp

Step 2. Install the package

Right click the file atom-amd64.deb and select Open With GDebi Package Installer. Click Install Package and wait until the installation completed.

Run Atom from the application menu and you are good to go.

install atom on linux mint 18.3


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