How to Make Manjaro KDE Looks Like macOS Big Sur

Hello everyone, in this article I will show you how to make Manjaro KDE looks like macOS Big Sur. I am using the latest Manjaro 20.1 KDE edition installed on my Proxmox VE. I wrote some tutorials to make some Linux desktop looks like macOS Catalina. You can check them out below. The KDE desktop environment is way easier to customize compared to GNOME edition. So let’s get started.

Steps to Make Manjaro KDE Looks Like macOS Big Sur

Step 1. Enable desktop effects

In order to get closer to macOS, we will enable some desktop effects on Manjaro KDE such as wobbly windows, magic lamp as well as the blur effects. To do this, open System Settings >> Workspace Behaviour >> Desktop Effects. Find and enable the magic lamp, wobbly windows and the blur effects. Adjust them as per your liking.

Step 2. Install WhiteSur Global Theme

Next, go to System Settings >> Appearance >> Global Theme. Click Get New Global Theme and then type “whitesur” on the search box. Whitesur theme is the perfect theme for this purpose.

You can install both the WhiteSur Dark and WhiteSur. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Give some time for the installation to complete.

Now select the theme you want to use and click Apply. Now your desktop will looks like this.

Dark version

It looks pretty cool now. But we will still continue.

Step 3. Enable the Big Sur wallpaper

Right-click on the desktop and then choose Configure Desktop. Change the wallpaper and choose WhiteSur wallpaper from there.

Now your desktop will looks like this

So basically that’s it. It is not perfect but to me this WhiteSur theme is way better than the default Manjaro KDE theme. You can tweak it to match your liking. I think that’s all for now, leave us your thought about this macOS Big Sur theme on Manjaro KDE. Cheers.

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