How to Install Spotify on Fedora 31

Is there an easy way to install Spotify on Fedora 31? Well, Spotify does not support Fedora officially. In the official website, there is instruction for Ubuntu but not Fedora. You cannot even use the Software Center to install Spotify. But don’t worry, Fedora users can still enjoy Spotify. I have tested the following method on my Fedora 31.

To install Spotify on Fedora 31, you can follow my method below.

First, install snap. Snap is a new and simple way to install and run many popular software like Spotify and many other software.

sudo dnf install snapd

Next, start the snapd service

sudo systemctl start snapd

Now, install Spotify with this command

sudo snap install spotify

Once the installation complete, you should see Spotify in your application list. If not, you may need to log out and then re log in again.

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