How to Install QGIS on Deepin 20

Deepin 20 is one of the most beautiful Linux desktop available. It is very comfortable to use it as my daily driver. In the following article, we will show you how to install QGIS on Deepin 20. Even the Deepin 20 is based on Ubuntu, we cannot use the the Ubuntu repository mentioned in QGIS website. Fortunately, with a little extra steps, we can easily install and run QGIS on Deepin 20.

QGIS 3.16 runing on Deepin 20

Steps to Install QGIS on Depin 20

Below, you will learn how to install QGIS on Deepin 20 using Flatpak. Flatpak is a simple and eassy way to install application on Linux system. First, we need to install Flatpak on Deepin 20.

Step 1. Install Flatpak on Deepin 20

Open Terminal and then use this command to install Flatpak.

sudo apt install flatpak

And then followed by this command to install Flatpak software plugin

sudo apt install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak

Finally, this command is used to add the Flathub repository

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Reboot your system afterward.

Step 2. Install QGIS via Flatpak

From the Terminal, use this command to install the latest QGIS on Deepin 20

flatpak install --from


Now you can start using QGIS from the Deepin application menu. Enjoy QGIS and start making maps. If you need QGIS tutorials, you can check my other blog.

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