How to Install Popcorn Time on Ubuntu 19.04

I love to watch movie and TV series on my Ubuntu laptop. Most of the time, I spend my free time to watch Netflix on my Ubuntu 19.04 via Google Chrome. But I also love Popcorn Time where I can easily browse and watch almost any movies and TV shows. Popcorn Time is a popular torrent based application for movie streaming. It comes with a simple and nice user interface. In this article, I am going to guide you how to install Popcorn Time on Ubuntu 19.04.

Apart from the legal controversy, Popcorn Time is a great program for movie lovers. Before we go through, below are some Popcorn Time screenshots on my Ubuntu 19.04.

Popcron Time showing Movies
Popcorn Time showing TV Series
Popcorn Time settings

Ok, now let’s start with the installation. First, you will need to download Popcorn Time package from the following link.

Once downloaded, you will have a file called: Popcorn-Time-0.3.10-Linux-64.tar.xz. Next, extract the file. It will produce a folder: Popcorn-Time-0.3.10-Linux-64. Open the folder and choose Open in Terminal. Then, execute this command:


Usually, you will get an error, something like “missing dependency”.

So, let’s fix it by installing the libgconf-2-4 package.

sudo apt install libgconf-2-4

And then run the command again. Now Popcorn Time should open without problems.

Bottom Line

Netflix is a great paid service for movie and TV series lovers. But, Popcorn Time is an exceptional program but this likely illegal and prohibited on some countries.


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