How to Create macOS Monterey USB Installer using Ubuntu 22.04

Hello Hackintosh users, in this article, we will show you how to create macOS Monterey USB Installer using Ubuntu 22.04. If you are going to build your own Hackintosh PC, making the USB installer is a critical process together with EFI configuration. In this article, we will only show you how to burn or make the USB installer using Ubuntu 22.04. Basically, you can use Windows, macOS or Linux to create the USB installer.

Download macOS Monterey

In this example, I am going to use the macOS Monterey installer that I downloaded from Olarilla website. Olarilla provides a RAW file for the macOS Montere (as well as other macOS versions) which is I recommend. It is 13 GB in file size. You can download the macOS Monterey RAW file using the link below.

Download macOS Monterey (Olarilla)

You should now have a file called: Olarila Monterey 12.2.1.raw

Install Balena Etcher

We will need the Balena Etcher software to create the USB installer. You can follow my guide below to install Balena Etcher on Ubuntu 22.04.

Create the USB Installer

Now run Balena Etcher on Ubuntu 22.04 and then follow the wizard on its main window. You will also need to use at least 16 GB USB flash disk.

Wait until the process completes.

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