How to Create macOS Catalina Online Installation ISO for Proxmox VE

Before we continue, I just want to clarify that this tutorial is specially for macOS Catalina installation on Proxmox system. You may use this for other purposes as well but it may works or may not. If you install macOS Catalina using this method, you will need to be connected to the internet during the installation process.

Steps to Create macOS Catalina Installation ISO for Proxmox

Step 1. Download the Script

Download and save the script below. You can use it in a Mac or Linux desktop. Or, you can also use your Proxmox to download and complete the steps in Proxmox Terminal.

If you are using Terminal, you can use wget to download this file


Now lets make it executable with this command

sudo chmod +x

Step 2. Run the Script

Now, lets run the script with this command. You can run this on a Mac or Linux.

sudo ./

Select the macOS version to download. In this case, I want to download macOS Catalina 10.15.5, so I type 2 and press Enter.

The process will download about 500 MB files from the internet. It will produce a new file called “BaseSystem.dmg” in the same directory as the script.

Step 3. Convert dmg to iso

OK so now we have BaseSystem.dmg file. Proxmox does not recognize dmg. So, we need to convert it to ISO format.

On a Mac

hdiutil convert BaseSystem.dmg -format RdWr -o Catalina-installer.iso
mv Catalina-installer.iso.img Catalina-installer.iso

On a Linux

You will need to install dmg2img package. On a Debian based Linux, simply use this command

sudo apt install dmg2img

Now convert it using this command

dmg2img BaseSystem.dmg Catalina-installer.iso

It will produce a new file called Catalina-installer.iso. Now upload this ISO to Proxmox. We will use this to build our Hackintosh in Proxmox VE.

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