Gigabyte GA H81M-S1 Download Zone

The Gigabyte GA H81M-S1 is a low-end Intel Haswell motherboard. It supports all Intel Haswell processors with Socket 1150. This is a pretty old motherboard but I think it still supports the recent workloads. This GA H81M motherboard series also works with Hackintosh pretty well. I have tested several Hackintosh systems on my GA H81M using Intel Core i5 4590. So I would like to dedicate this page to GA H81M users. If you still own this motherboard, you still can do many things with your system.

H81M-S1 BIOS Download

In case you want to upgrade your BIOS, you can download the latest BIOS version for your motherboard using the link below.

  • Version FE, release date 18 April 2014, file size 2.93 MB. Download
  • Version FF, release date 20 June 2014, file size 2.93 MB. Download
  • Version FH, release date 13 August 2015, file size 2.82 MB. Download

For more information about this BIOS for this motherboard, please visit this website:

H81M-S1 Drivers Download for Windows 10

If you are looking for the software drivers for the Gigabyte H81M motherboard, you can use the following links. All the download links are coming from the official Gigabyte website.

Hackintosh EFI Folder download for Gigabyte H81M-S1

Gigabyte H81M is a great motherboard if you want to build a Hackintosh system. It runs pretty well with macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur. If you want to build your Hackintosh with this motherboard, you can try to use the OpenCore EFI folder that I created below.

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