First Impression with Endless OS 3.0

This is my first time using Endless OS. The new version of Endless OS 3.0 is now available for download. Well, I was expecting an ordinary Gnome or KDE desktop environment on this Endless OS. I am not pretty sure about this but, the Gnome feel and look still there. On the desktop, you will find several icons for major application or online services. For example: Chromium, LibreOffice, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and some other social media shortcut.

endless os screenshot 1.png

During my test, I do not find any difficulties or any error. It is pretty easy to use but need a little time to get used to. There is no traditional menu at the left bottom corner to open installed applications. Endless OS rely on the desktop to access applications.

endless os settings.png

If you are Gnome lovers, you won’t find any difficulties to access and change settings on this Endless OS.

Software Manager

If you want to add more applications, Endless OS comes with built in Apps Center. You can install many applications from various categories.

endless os apps center.png

Final Thoughts

Endless OS 3.0 is very good Operating System for everyone. Even if you are new to this OS, you will get used to it. It is very lightweight. Can be installed on a dedicated PC or as a virtual machine. Download Now and try it yourself.

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