Enable ssh root login on Arch Linux 2017

Arch Linux Tutorial – Hello everyone, today I will show you how to enable ssh root login on Arch Linux 2017. Please remember that enabling root access via SSH can make your system more vulnerable and it is not recommended from security perspective. On this tutorial I will show you how to install SSH and configure the service on Arch Linux.

Install SSH on Arch Linux

In case you don’t have SSH package installed, you can use this command to install it.

Enable SSH Service

Check SSH Status

How to enable SSH root login on Arch Linux 2017

By default, root login via ssh is not enabled. We need to change some settings inside the sshd_config file to enable root login.

Find the following lines and make some changes to it

Close and save the file. Finally restart ssh service

Now try to login from other computer using root account. Thank you

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