How to Enable Fingerprint Login on Fedora 27

I have a laptop and currently testing the new Fedora 27 on it. I use the Fedora Live USB on my ThinkPad T450 series. This laptop has a fingerprint reader and I would like to enable it for my login. By default, Fedora will not enable this fingerprint support. But with a little tweak, we can make it work. This tutorial is going to show you how to enable fingerprint login on Fedora. I am using Fedora 27 on this tutorial but it should be applicable on other Fedora versions.

Steps to enable fingerprint login on Fedora

First, go to Settings | Details | Users to open the user configuration. As you can see below, the fingerprint login is disabled.

To enable it, simply click on it and it will open the configuration wizard.

Select which finger to use. In this case, I use my right index finger. Click Next to continue. Follow the steps until completed. Now you should be able to login using your fingerprint instead of typing your password.

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