Download the latest macOS Catalina using macOS Catalina Patcher

So there are several ways to obtain the original and official copy of macOS Catalina. You can use the App Store to download the macOS update. But for you who don’t have access to the App Store, you can download it using another way. macOS Patcher is an easy way to download macOS copy from the Apple website without hassle. It comes with a simple user interface and very easy to use.


  • macOS Catalina Patcher

So basically, you can use almost any version of macOS in order to use this software to download the macOS Catalina. First, let’s download the software from below link

Save the .dmg file and double click it to open in macOS. And then run the macOS Catalina Patcher.

Click Continue and you will see the contributors page

Hit Continue. In the following page, you should choose Download a Copy because we want to download the macOS Catalina from the Apple website.

And finally, you are ready to download macOS Catalina. Make sure you have a good internet connection because it will download around 8 GB from the internet.

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