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I was working with many project related to web logo designer and most of the project done by people in Fiverr. Well, the design is not so good but I was thinking that logo designer is not my passion and it was hard to do. Until now, I found a great sources for free logo designer called DesignEvo. I know there are many other services like this but DesignEvo is a great one. Logo design now can be done by anyone. You don’t have to be a professional artist to make a great logo for your brands.

Lets take a look closer to DesignEvo

Main Features:

  • Free Thousands of Icons
  • Many Text styles and fonts
  • Add Shapes and lines to your design design
  • Background support
  • Undo, redo feature
  • Text effect and color chooser
  • Design preview
  • Free!!

DesignEvo supports any web browser and operating system. We tested to create a new logo from our Ubuntu 17.10. It works flawlessly.

The Interface

This is your working canvas on DesignEvo. There are three main tools: Icon, Text and Shape. It’s very simple and not complex at all, which is good for you who wants to create logo quickly.

You may choose from thousands of logos. Simply type in your query and it will display tons of icons available for your design.

To add icon to working area, simply click or drag it. Pretty simple.

Text Options

Add text to your design in few clicks. You can use the classic text or select one from the art collection. Changing text color and effects also very simple to do.


Last but not least there are also many shapes and lines style you can choose for your logo design.

Preview your design


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple, rich features and easy to use logo designer, we recommend you to try DesignEvo. The simple user interface and flexibility to search for any icons based on our search term is a great feature. Stop paying other people to design your logo if you can do it your self in few minutes with DesignEvo. DesignEvo is not vector designer. So, you won’t be able to draw your own objects on it.

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