Deepin 20 Bring True Beauty to Linux Desktop

Linux is a great operating system. It is stable, powerful and getting easier to use. There are so many variants or most of us call it as distributions. But most of them are lack of the beauty. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are great in term of the user interface. But when you look and try the new Deepin 20, they will look obsolete. I know it is a matter of personal preferences but Deepin 20 change a lot in Linux world. This is how Linux desktop should look.

I love macOS interface and I also trying to make my Linux desktop looks like macOS. You can see on my previous post how I try to change or make my Linux desktop so it looks like macOS. So in this article, I will show you some nice screenshots of the new Deepin 20. By the way, in case you want to see the installation process, you can read this article below.

Deepin 20 Desktop

Deepin development team have been working on their own desktop environment called Deepin Desktop. For my point of view, they are doing really great job. The Deepin desktop is very simple, easy to navigate and it is damn beautiful. If you have a proper graphic card, you will have a decent effects.

Deepin 20 Desktop

You will have a rounded edge style window on almost every applications in Deepin 20. This make the desktop looks dynamic and good looking.

File Manager

Forget about old style file manager. The new Deepin 20 brings a redesigned file manager. It offers a way better and easier to use. Accessing to the network shared folder also made easier.

There are also some settings you can use to adjust the File Manager appearance and usage.

New Redesigned Control Center

The new Control Center is now packed into a stylish menu. On the previous version, you can access the system settings from the sidebar. Now the sidebar is gone and replaced by a new one. To be honest, I would prefer the old version rather than this one. But it is blended very well with the overall Deepin 20 interface.

Great Software Bundle

Deepin developer/community have developed some great native applications. You will find the new screen capture software which allows us to take screenshots or record the screen activity easily. The new version of Deepin Music, Deepin Album (photo viewer), Deepin Movie will change your mind to switch to Deepin soon.

Deepin Music
Deepin Album

One other thing that look great also is the Deepin System Monitor. It is very informative and well-designed.

Other than that, you will also get bunch of common software such as Mozilla Firefox for web surfing, Thunderbird mail client and LibreOffice to handle your document.

Last but not least, you should take a look at the new App Store. This is the first place when you need additional software.

For more information and download link, please visit the Deepin official website.

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