Deepin 20 – A Modern Linux Distribution

I have been testing many Linux distributions during the last few years now. Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Manjaro are some of the great Linux distribution. Gnome and KDE are my favorite desktop environment so far. They are great, stable and beautiful. But the new Deepin 20 is a very interesting one. This distro makes my Ubuntu 20.04 looks obsolete. Deepin 20 is a modern Linux distribution where you can feel it right from the start. The Deepin installation process looks very professional. I had to say that Deepin is few steps ahead of any other Linux distributions in term of graphical designs.

Deepin 20 Installation Steps

I will show you the installation steps of Deepin 20 real quick. The steps are well self explained. I installed Deepin 20 on my Proxmox VE as a virtual machine. I know that installing Deepin on a virtual machine is not ideal. But I will try to enable the GPU passthrough on my Deepin and see how it performs.

Step 1. Boot menu

By default, there is no Live mode available. With a little trick, we can boot Deepin into Live mode but I will not explain it here.

Language selection
Deepin 20 requires 64 GB of disk space (minimum)

Once the installation process completes, reboot the PC. There still some extra steps after reboot.

Set keyboard layout
Select the timezone
Create a new account
Network configuration

Once the tuning system process is complete, you should see the Deepin Login screen as follow.

Login using the username and password you created earlier. Now enjoy Deepin 20

Get your own copy using the link below

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