Deepin 15.4 – Another beautiful Linux distribution

Deepin 15.4 was released a while ago and I just got time to try it on my laptop and now I want to give a short review of this distribution. Deepin 15.4 is based on Ubuntu Linux but its totally different in term of look and feel. It comes with a brand new design and its really good looking.

Redesigned Control Center on Deepin 15.4 is very nice and easy to use. Its even easier to access all settings and preference from the Control Center.

Deepin 15.4 is powered by Linux Kernel 4.9.0 and officially its only available in 64 bit edition. By default, Deepin 15.4 does not support Live Mode. It will perform direct installation upon boot. But with a little tweak, we can force it into Live Mode.

App Launcher

Deepin 15.4 features a nice App Launcher, the shortcut for all installed software. It reminds me to a Mac OS X style, even its not close to it. It can be changed to category view as well.

Deepin Store 4.0.9

The Deepin Store is updated to version 4.0.9 which is more responsive and well animated. Deepin Store is a Software Center that is used to search and install/Uninstall software on Deepin.

Its a great experience to use Deepin 15.4 for my daily activities such as blogging, browsing and remote administration to my servers. Deepin 15.4 is the most beautiful Linux that most people will love. It runs pretty smooth even I run it from my USB flash disk. I don’t feel any lag or delay. Its feel like it was installed on my hard drive. In idle state, it consume very little resources (RAM and CPU).

Deepin 15.4 can read and write NTFS partition by default. So you can directly connect and use your NTFS drives on Deepin. The WPS Office in this distribution works very well to open and edit my Office documents. I think WPS Office also works better than LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

Multimedia Supports

You will find several native multimedia apps such as Deepin Music and Deepin Movie. These are the coolest multimedia software for Linux.


Multitasking is made fun on Deepin 15.4. I really enjoying the multitasking view on this distribution.

Bottom Line

I can’t say more, there are a lot apps and features to look at actually. Deepin 15.4 is the ultimate Linux for desktop. It is beautiful, responsive, easy to use and very stable. I highly recommend this distro for you who just convert to Linux from Windows or even you are Linux enthusiast. You will love Deepin 15.4.

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