Tips to Create professional thumbnails for your videos

If you want to create professional thumbnails for your videos, then you are surely in the right place. At the right time, as in this post, we will provide you some helpful thumbnail creation tips along with the best applications that would assist you in thumbnail making.

Creating a thumbnail is not easy if you don’t have designing skills. You should know that thumbnails are religiously important for your videos.

They are the only thing on the video that would attract potential viewers and get you organic traffic. One should know that without thumbnails, your videos would be boring and unappealing!

10 Thumbnail Making practices and tips!

Here we have listed out some of the important tips which are going to help you create perfect thumbnails before you publish videos on YouTube or any other source.

  1. You have to use the right-sized thumbnails with respect to the guidelines issued by Google and YouTube. As per the guidelines of YouTube, you have to make sure that the image is 1280×720 pixels. The ideal aspect ratio is 16:9
  2. The thumbnail image should be in a higher format like JPG, GIF, BMP, and even PNG.
  3. The thumbnail’s file size should not be more than 2Mbs, or else it would increase the loading time!
  4. You have to use high-quality pictures in the background of the thumbnail.
  5. You have to include the title text in the thumbnail, especially if you are posting them on YouTube!
  6. The font style of the YouTube videos should be very much clear. You have to ensure that the text is readable.
  7. You have to focus on branded thumbnails. This means that you have to set a proper theme for this purpose!
  8. You have to use a good contrast in your thumbnails. This would add to the attraction of the clip.
  9. You have to show honesty and accuracy in the thumbnails.
  10. Use the best thumbnail maker apps!

Best Thumbnail maker Android Apps!

If you have the best thumbnail maker app in your pocket, you don’t have to fuss about minor things and settings. There are tons of applications that can help you in designing the perfect thumbnails. This section lists out the top-notch applications that can help you in attractive thumbnail designing!

  • Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners & Channel Art

This thumbnail creator application is one of the most popular ones in this league. It belongs to CA apps which is a famous and reliable platform. You don’t have to worry about understanding this app’s working as it is very easy to utilize. You can easily install this Thumbnail maker Android app on your device, and after installation, you would find tons of templates that you can edit and customize according to your video content.  With this video thumbnail maker application, you can create thumbnails and banners for YouTube, but you can also make 3D covers for different social media platforms. The friendly interface of this application makes it the best choice for beginners!

  • Canva – Thumbnail Maker

Canva is a graphic designing tool that can be utilized for multiple purposes. One of the main uses of Canva is thumbnail designing. This application allows a user to design a thumbnail from scratch and also by using predesigned templates. You can find more than millions of different graphic elements, templates, and image designs on Canva, and you can use them wherever you want. Canva is undoubtedly a free application cum tool, but it has some paid features and elements like clip art that you can only use if you register your account with it. You can buy these elements separately, and you can also get along with the pro version, which costs around 100 dollars annually!

  • Adobe Spark

This is another platform that offers customizable templates for thumbnail designing. This is a free service, and you would not have to pay anything to create professional-level thumbnails. The app has a set category for YouTube thumbnails in which you would find tons of thumbnail designs. You can select one as per your choice and edit it according to your video content. Adobe Spark also allows a user to customize backgrounds, colors, and text in a thumbnail so that it can stand out from the competition! There is a premium version of adobe spark that you can get for around $99 per annum!

  • Fotor

This is another free and easy-to-use thumbnail maker that can help you create professional and attractive thumbnails for video clips. You can pick templates from the gallery of this application, and you can also help yourself make a thumbnail from scratch with this app. The tool offers tons of design elements using which you can create an appealing and honest thumbnail. One of the main reasons that Fotor is famous among amateur designers is because its premium version is very cheap, and you can get it for $40 a year with no advertisements!

Following the tips and using the above-listed thumbnail maker applications can help you create perfect thumbnail designs!

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