CleanMyMac X – an Honest Review by a MacBook Pro M1 User

In macOS, managing and maintaining peak performance is crucial. As a MacBook Pro M1 user, I have just installed the latest CleanMyMac X version 4.10.6. It has been a great experience when using this program to manage and maintain my MacBook. This new version works very well on MBP M1 16 inc series. I have macOS Monterey installed on my MBP. As a new Mac user, I was a bit frustrated at the beginning because my hard disk was filled up very quickly. I have no idea how to find the junk files, unused cache, and so on. Thankfully, the CleanMyMac X comes to the rescue.

What is CleanMyMac X?

If you are new to Mac, you may wonder what is CleanMyMac X and why you would need this utility. CleanMyMac X is a utility software that will help you clean up and optimize your Mac. It runs and is compatible with any macOS device including MacBook, Mac Mini, and so on. It also comes with Malware Removal and advanced privacy settings that are not available by default.


I didn’t realize that my Mail app consumes so much space on my drive. This is because the Mail app will have all the attachments saved to our Mac. It is almost impossible to check and delete each individual attachment manually. CleanMyMac X will help us to scan the Mail attachments and then we can delete the attachments from our system. Don’t worry, the original attachment will remain accessible through our Inbox.

Built-in Malware Removal

macOS, like any other operating system, is not immune to viruses or malware. CleanMyMac X also comes with built-in malware removal. Personally, I have never used this feature but I think it is good to have it.

Improve System Speed

You can gain back your macOS system speed by visiting the Optimization and Maintenance tab. Here you can find some important settings that will significantly improve your system speed. For example, the one that I found useful is the Speed Up Mail.


Coming from a Windows environment, uninstalling an application in macOS is a bit weird to me. But with the Uninstaller feature in CleanMyMac X, now I feel confident to uninstall apps in macOS.

I can’t say anymore words. I think this is the best utility software for macOS that you should have it. You can download and purchase CleanMyMac X full version using the link below

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