How to backup to Amazon S3 using Dragon Disk

Cloud backup is a popular, secure way to backup your data to a reliable and Highly Availability service. This tutorial is going to show you how to backup to Amazon S3 using DragonDisk. Dragon Disk is a free backup and sync application that supports several cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud and some more. Dragon Disk is available for Windows, Linux environment. And its free to use.

What is Dragon Disk ?

You may wonder what is Dragon Disk. Dragon disk is a free application designed for sync and backup purposes to cloud storage. It comes with commander like user interface and its pretty easy to use.

It supports multiple cloud storage, multiple sync jobs. Its also support several sync options and scenario.

How to backup to Amazon S3 using DragonDisk

Please note that Dragon disk is not an ordinary cloud backup software and it also supports local disk and USB disk destination as well. Before continuing, I assume you have an Amazon S3 account already. If not, you can register from this link. So, let’s get started.

Step 1. Create new cloud account (if you want to perform cloud backup). 

On this example, I will backup my data to Amazon S3 storage. So, we will create a new account on Dragon Disk.

Go to File | Accounts | New

Select Amazon S3 from the provider list and then provide Access key and Secret key to access your bucker on Amazon S3. Don’t forget to give this account name for future use. Click OK when ready. Now we have an Amazon S3 account set and we are ready to configure the backup/sync job.

Step 2. Configure Backup/Sync Job

From the main window, go to Synchronization | Manage Sync Job | Add. A new synchronization job is now should be opened. Enter the name, source folder and target folder.

backup to amazon s3 using DragonDisk

You can specify some other sync options such as file replacement. Click OK to complete the new job task. 

To start the job, go to Synchronization from main window and click the job name we created earlier. 

dragondisk on ubuntu 16.04

In few moments, the backup and sync process should be started. 

Wait until the backup process is completed. But, you can abort this process at any time. 

Final Thought

DragonDisk software is a great Amazon S3 client for Windows, Linux and Mac. It’s free and very easy to use. I like the speed of this program. It works well on my Ubuntu 16.04.


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