Is Arch Linux suitable for Server?

I am a new Arch Linux users but I have been a while using Arch Linux derivatives such as Manjaro and Antergos. I am very satisfied with the Arch Linux ecosystem. The way it deliver applications and updates are very interesting, easy to use for most Desktop users (Manjaro and Antergos). I also manage several servers powered by Linux (ClearOS, Ubuntu and Debian) and all perform very well so far. But there is one big question on my mind. Is Arch Linux suitable for Server?

I am asking and writing this post because its a bit rare to find article that discuss about Arch Linux for server. Most Linux server is dominated by Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS etc. But in fact, Arch Linux should be great to be a server. The official documentation has a special Server section. Even the developer does not provide a special Arch Linux server edition, it does not mean that Arch Linux is not good for server. You may build a web server, WebDAV server, multimedia or samba file server using Arch Linux.

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