Antergos 18.1 Review and Screenshots Tour

Antergos 18.1 was released a few weeks ago and I just got a chance to review it. Antergos is another Arch-based Linux distribution for a desktop computer. I choose the GNOME edition because it’s more comfortable for me. If you want, you can also try the KDE edition as well as MATE, Deepin, and Xfce desktop. You can choose and download your own copy of Antergos from this link. The official Antergos release only available with GNOME desktop. If you want the other desktop, you need to download it from the Community edition.

As usual, I always interested the Arch-based Linux including Antergos. The new Antergos 18.1 brings many new updated software and few new features. Based on the official announcement, Antergos 18.1 comes with the following features:

  • GNOME 3.26.2
  • Linux Kernel 4.14.10
  • Cnchi Installer version 0.14.410

Antergos 18.1 Desktop

I was expecting some new, fresh wallpaper on this release. But it doesn’t happen. Antergos 18.1 comes with a set of old wallpaper. 

The Settings

Gnome 3.26.2 comes with many improvements. The Settings page now has a lot of features and it’s very accessible.

Antergos can be customized very easily. You can change icon themes, GTKthemes via Tweak Tool. It comes with few icon themes and GTK Themes such as Numix. You can improve the look of your Antergos Desktop with this great GTK Themes and Icon themes.

Software Manager

Installing software in Arch-based Linux is very easy. Thanks to AUR integration which allows us to access, download and install many packages from AUR repository.

User experiences

Personally, I don’t have any issues when testing this Antergos 18.1. All program, settings work perfectly. Even if you run Antergos 18.1 on a Virtual Machine, the overall performance still quite good. Compared to Deepin Linux or Ubuntu 17.04 Desktop, Antergos performs better under Virtualbox. 

You won’t find any Office Suite installed on Antergos. Well, for you who don’t have a good internet connection, lack of Office Suite can be a serious problem. I was expecting WPS Office or OnlyOffice installed on Antergos. 

Download Antergos ISO

If you are interested, you can download the latest ISO of Antergos Linux from this link.

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