How to access via Terminal on Ubuntu

If you have account, you can easily connect to it and manage the files directly from Ubuntu Terminal. This made possible with a package Cadaver. Cadaver is a webdav client for Linux. With this tool we can connect to account and manage our files. For more information, please visit Cadaver website. Cadaver command supports auto complete using Tab button. 

Steps to access account via Terminal on Ubuntu

Step 1. Install Cadaver

Use the following command to install cadaver on Ubuntu

sudo apt install cadaver

Step 2. Login to

To login to account, use the following command


You will need to enter your username which is your email and your password. 

Output example

ubuntu-budgie@ubuntu-budgie:~$ cadaver
Authentication required for on server `':

Once its connected, you should have this on your command line


To open the help menu, type “help” without quotes.

dav:/dav/> help
Available commands: 
 ls         cd         pwd        put        get        mget       mput       
 edit       less       mkcol      cat        delete     rmcol      copy       
 move       lock       unlock     discover   steal      showlocks  version    
 checkin    checkout   uncheckout history    label      propnames  chexec     
 propget    propdel    propset    search     set        open       close      
 echo       quit       unset      lcd        lls        lpwd       logout     
 help       describe   about      
Aliases: rm=delete, mkdir=mkcol, mv=move, cp=copy, more=less, quit=exit=bye

That’s it. Now you can open and manage your from Terminal. 

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