5 Reasons Why You Will Love Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

Ubuntu 18.04 was released a while ago. This is the latest stable version of Ubuntu and also the latest LTS (Long Term Support). Personally, we would recommend Ubuntu 18.04 to anyone who wants to try or migrate to Linux environment. There are many reasons why you will fall in love with Ubuntu 18.04. At first, especially if you are new to Linux, Ubuntu will help you to easily understand how Linux works.

A. Easy to Install

Ubuntu, like many other modern Linux operating systems comes with a simple GUI installer. You can dual boot Ubuntu 18.04 with Windows 10 without problems. The Ubuntu 18.04 installer is getting better. You don’t have to be a Linux expert in order to install Ubuntu.

B. Simple and Beautiful

Ubuntu 18.04 is a beautiful OS. Even its not the most beautiful Linux distribution, with a little efforts you can make your Ubuntu desktop looks more attractive and beautiful. There are many beautiful themes, icon themes you can apply onto your Ubuntu to make it even more eye catching. If you are Mac fans, you can also apply Mac theme on Ubuntu 18.04.

C. Stable

Linux is a well known operating system with superb stability. I was using Ubuntu since last few years and I don’t have any serious problems that force me to re-install it.

D. Bunch of Software selection

Ubuntu Software Center is all you need to choose and install software from the repository. It provides access to thousands of great software for your works, play and entertainment. You can install popular software such as Spotify, Visusl Studio code, VMware, Virtualbox, Google Chrome and many more.

E. Lightweight

Ubuntu 18.04 can be installed on old laptop or PC, or even you can run it on a virtual machine. The new Ubuntu 18.04 comes with Gnome desktop environment replacing the “heavy” Unity desktop. Now we can enjoy the beauty and performance of Gnome on Ubuntu.

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