Install VMware Workstation on Deepin Linux is a Child Play

Welcome to Deepin Tutorial. Have you ever tried to install VMware Workstation on your Linux distribution? What do you think, is it easy or difficult? Well, for some people, this should be easy. But for me and maybe some of you, you may say that it is frustrating. I have my Deepin 15.6 installed on my ThinkPad T420, an old laptop. It works very well and I love it. I do love how Deepin 15.6 interacts with the user, especially as I do love the Deepin Store. This article is about how easy to install VMware Workstation on Deepin. 

When you open Deepin Store and type VMware on its search box, you will see the VMware Workstation listed there. Its a bit surprising because I mostly installed VMware Workstation in different and harder way. See this article to install VMware Workstation on Ubuntu for example. You can see that there are many steps to take to get this popular virtualization software installed on a Linux computer. 

Hover your mouse over the VMware icon and press Install to start installing it straight away. Or click its icon to see the description and other information.

install vmware workstation on deepin

By clicking the Install button, it will start to download the necessary packages from the internet. Simply wait until the download process is completed. Next, you should find VMware Workstation icon in the application list. Open it to start the next configuration steps. 

When all completed, you can now use VMware Workstation Pro 14 on Deepin. Please note that you will need to enter the license key to activate the VMware Workstation Pro 14 full version. Or, you can try it for 30 days free.

Bottom Line

Many new Linux users complaint about the way to install software on Linux. There are many software that requires a manual way to install. Deepin Store approach is an advanced way to install software in Linux. I hope many (if not all) software will come to a GUI installation mode soon. Thanks for reading this how to install VMware Workstation on Deepin Linux.

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