How to configure SSL on Apache using Lets Encrypt on Debian 8

If you want to secure your Apache web server, first thing to consider is to install and enable TLS/SSL on your web server. So, you can access your website using And there is a free service called Lets Encrypt that provide a free trusted SSL certificate for our system. This tutorial is going to show you how to configure Lets Encrypt on Debian 8.

Steps to install Lets Encrypt on Debian 8

Step 1. Install Certbot, the Lets Encrypt Client

Use the following command to add the repository to Debian 8

Now Update Debian

Finally, install certbot

Step 2. Setup SSL Certificate

Now we are ready to create a new SSL Certificate for our websites. It will read from the virtual hosts file the list of website in our server.

Follow on screen wizard until it completed. Once completed and no error shown, we can test it. Open web browser and type the following address

It will take some times until completed. Once finished, you should see something like this. (Don’t forget to change the domain with yours)

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