Antergos 17.5 Screenshots Tour

The new version of Antergos 17.5 is now available for download. Antergos is an Arch based Linux distribution. It comes with Gnome as default desktop environment. The new Antergos 17.5 is powered by Kernel 4.10.13, Gnome Shell 3.24.1. It also brings new version of Cnchi 0.14, a graphical installer that lets us to easily install Antergos to our hard disk.

antergos 17.5

Good things about Antergos 17.5

  • Technically, its based on rolling release distribution, Arch Linux which is believed as a stable, powerful Linux
  • It multiple desktop environment selection during installation
  • Modern, easy to use
  • Easy to maintain, upgrade
  • Software installation is super easy

I don’t see any bad things (from my own perspective) about Antergos 17.5. The only thing that Antergos should consider to improve is the default wallpaper. On every release, it always has an ugly taste of wallpaper.


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