Virtualization Issues on macOS Catalina AMD Hackintosh

So I have an AMD Hackintosh running macOS Catalina. It has AMD Ryzen 3200G and Radeon RX580 graphic card. I tried to install Parallels 16.0 on it and the installation went pretty well. I can run it, create a new virtual machine but I cannot run the virtual machine. I am not sure where the problem is but it is very annoying.

I can run Windows and Linux virtual machines on my VirtualBox installed on the same Hackintosh but don’t know why I had issues with Parallels.

The virtual machine window will turn into a blank window with no activity shown. I checked the processor activity, it shows a high number of CPU usage.

This problem also exist on VMware Fusion installed on my AMD Hackintosh. I can install the software, create a new machine but I cannot start the virtual machine. I have no idea which settings I should check. Trying to get help from the internet and seems this issue also happen to many people out there.

I had no issues on my Intel Hackintosh before. I can run Parallels and VMware Fusion without problems.

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