Update macOS Big Sur Hackintosh to the Latest Beta

In this article, you will find out how to upgrade macOS Big Sur Hackintosh to the latest version. A few days ago, finally, I can install macOS Big Sur Beta on my Proxmox VM. It is a great experience to have this new macOS up and running on my AMD FX system with the Proxmox virtual environment. The performance is pretty good, similar to bare metal Hackintosh. And since the new Beta is now available, I will try to update the installation. I am not sure if this will work, but I will try and post here.

If there is any update available, you can see it in the Software Update section inside the System Preferences.

macOS Big Sur Hackintosh

Click the Upgrade Now button and it will start download. It will download about 12.5 GB from the internet. Once finished, it will automatically opened and ready for upgrade.

Accept the License Agreement
Select the disk
macOS Big Sur upgrade in progress

It will take a long time to complete the upgrade process. When the install process is completed, it will ask for restart. Click Restart and the system will reboot.

Next, select the macOS Installer from the boot picker.

The installation process will continue. This will take another 20-30 minutes to complete.

Finally, macOS Big Sur Beta is up to date.

Thanks for reading this How to upgrade macOS Big Sur Hackintosh to the latest version. Stay tuned for more Hackintosh articles.

For more information about Big Sur, please visit the official website below:


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