Ubuntu 19.04 Test Drive – What to Expect from This Distro?

The new version of Ubuntu 19.04 code name Disco Dingo is currently in Beta version. Today, I got a chance to test this Ubuntu 19.04 on my AMD desktop PC. This new version brings a lot of refreshments including the overall look of this popular Linux distro. The Gnome Shell 3.32 is well integrated to the system and it is pretty stable though.

Better Speed

I run this Ubuntu 19.04 from my Live USB and I cannot expect more about the speed. I can easily navigate to every menu, settings and applications without any problems. I just love the speed and response.

Intuitive User Interface

The new Yaru icon theme and default Ubuntu font on this Ubuntu 19.04 blended very well. Especially the font. I always love Ubuntu font choice.

But for a new Linux users who switch from Windows, I don’t think that this Ubuntu 19.04 with Gnome Desktop Environment is a good choice. It is good but maybe not for a real noobs.

Powered by Linux Kernel 5.0

Ubuntu 19.04 brings the new Linux Kernel 5.0.0 into it’s core. I am not a technical user that put this Kernel version in my concern but as far as I know, this new Kernel 5.0.0 brings a lot of promising features.

Installed Applications

You won’t find many installed applications. Beside Transmission, Video Player and Thunderbird Mail client, you will only find LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox installed by default. But I don’t think that will be a problem. We can access to thousands of high quality Linux software directly from Ubuntu Software Center. It provides easier way to install software in Ubuntu.

Bottom Line

Ubuntu 19.04 is an interesting release. Even it is not an LTS release, it is good to have it. It is simple, beautiful and easy to use. Grab your own ISO copy and boot it. Download Ubuntu 19.04 ISO.

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