Ubuntu 18.04 Release Date

Ubuntu 18.04 codename Bionic Beaver is still in development stage. This upcoming Ubuntu LTS release brings many improvements for both Desktop and Server edition. Ubuntu 18.04 will be officially released in April 2018.

The date for every releases is officially announced by Ubuntu team as follow;

  • 30th November: Feature Definition Freeze
  • 4th January: Alpha 1 release
  • 1st February: Alpha 2 release
  • 1st March: Feature Freeze
  • 8th March: First beta release
  • 5th April: Final beta release
  • 19th April: Final Freeze
  • 26th April: Stable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release

The Ubuntu 18.04 Final Release is expected to be released on 26th April this year. If you are running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, you should be able to upgrade to this 18.04 version directly. You can read the official release schedule from this link.

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