Ubuntu 17.10 – How to Install Urbackup Server

Hello everyone, welcome to Ubuntu 17.10 Tutorial. Today, we are going to learn how to install Urbackup Server on Ubuntu 17.10. Urbackup is a free, open source network backup. It comes with many features and great for your backup solution. It supports multiple backup jobs, files and folder backup, system image backup. It is pretty easy to install UrBackup Server on Ubuntu 17.10.

When you have Urbackup Server on your network, you can backup all computers in your network to this server. No matter if you are running Windows, Linux or Mac, you can easily install the Urbackup client on the client computer. And then you can configure the backup to the server.


This tutorial has been tested on our Ubuntu 17.10 test bed. But, it may result different output on different system configuration. 

Steps to Install UrBackup on Ubuntu 17.10

Step 1. Setup Repository

Open Terminal and paste the following lines to add Urbackup repository to Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository uroni/urbackup

Step 2. Update repository

Now use this command to update your local repository

sudo apt update

Step 3. Install Urbackup

Now install Urbackup Server with this command

sudo apt install urbackup-server

During install, you will be asked to enter the path to store the backup. You can freely change the path or leave the default value.

urbackup config.png

Step 4. Open Urbackup WebUI

Now open a web browser and type : http://localhost:55414 to open the Urbackup Server web UI.

urbackup server on ubuntu 17.10.png

How to Backup Windows 10 using Urbackup

If you wish to backup your Windows 10 using Urbackup, you must first download and install Urbackup client for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

After installation, UrBackup Server will automatically detect the Windows client.

urbackup client.png


In order to start, stop or restart Urbackup service, use the following commands:

Start Urbackup Service

sudo systemctl start urbackupsrv

Stop Urbackup

sudo systemctl stop urbackupsrv

Restart Urbackup

sudo systemctl restart urbackupsrv

For more information, please visit the official website at: https://www.urbackup.org

Final Thoughts

Personally, I do love UrBackup performance overall. But the restore option is a bit limited. We cannot select files or folders we want to restore. The web interface only allows us to restore the whole package from the particular backup point.

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