The Best PDF Software for Linux You Should Know

Looking for the best pdf software for Linux? You came to the right place. For most people, PDF is a common format that you probably dealing with. On Windows environment, there are hundreds of PDF Software you can choose from. Back to a few years ago, there are only a few good PDF Software that works on Linux. But now, Linux also has many great PDF Software that has great features and also a nice UI.

I will try to summarize that PDF software for Linux. But I am sure that I cannot cover all the software in this post. So, in the end, if you have suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Simply write your suggestions in the comment box below this post. On this list, you will not only find the PDF viewer but I also put some PDF editor. If you are a Windows user, SodaPDF is a recommended PDF software. 

The Best PDF Software for Linux

A. Master PDF Editor for Linux

Master PDF Editor is an advanced, rich features PDF viewer and editor for Linux. It’s also available for Windows (and Mac?). Master PDF Editor is the best Adobe Acrobat replacement for Linux system. The capability to view, create, and also edit PDF file is so complete. 

Visit Master PDF Editor website for more information and download link.

B. PDFSam for Linux

PDFSam is a multi-platform, free and open source PDF Tool. You can do many things with your PDF files using this tool. PDFSam is popular because it’s capability to split and merge pdf files. You can split your PDF into several PDF files in few clicks.

Download and install PDFSam on Linux

If you are running Deepin Linux, you can install PDFSam via Deepin Store. For another system, please visit PDFSam download site

C. Foxit PDF Reader for Linux

Foxit PDF Reader is a lightweight PDF viewer software. Its available for Windows, Mac, and also Linux. Foxit PDF reader has become my default PDF viewer on my Linux desktop. 

Download Foxit PDF Reader for Linux.

D. qpdfview

qpdfview, a simple and lightweight PDF viewer for Linux. It has some basic features such as annotate, rotate pages, bookmark and some others. qpdfview comes with a simple user interface. 

You may download and install qpdfview from this link

E. Evince

Evince is a simple and lightweight PDF viewer software for Linux. It supports other formats such as Tiff, Postscript and some others. Do not expect a complex toolbar sits on the top of the main window. Evince is a super simple and minimalist PDF viewer. After you open your document, you can see the left panel showing thumbnails or bookmark. The additional tool that you can use is the annotation tool. 

Bottom Line

Master PDF Editor is a professional PDF viewer and PDF Editor for Linux system. We highly recommend this tool for you who works with PDF files very often. Thank you for reading this article and see you on the next ones. 

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