Solus OS 3 GNOME Review and Screenshots Tour

Solus OS – Hello everyone, welcome to my Solus OS 3 GNOME Review. This is a short review of the new Solus OS 3 GNOME edition. Its another great Linux distribution for Desktop. Solus OS 3 brings a lot of improvements and bug fixes. I am testing this distribution via Live USB. You may have a look at how to create Solus OS 3 Live USB if you want to try Solus OS 3 without installing.

Solus OS 3 GNOME Desktop

Solus OS 3 GNOME feature a clean, simple and beautiful Desktop. The new GNOME version 3.24.3 is a great desktop environment. It is responsive, nice looking and pretty quick. Even I run this distro from a USB, I don’t feel any performance degradation.

Solus OS 3 GNOME Review

Solus OS 3 comes with Adapta GTK Theme and Papirus Icon Theme as the defaults. These are a great choice. Both theme and icon theme match perfectly. Its very comfortable on the eye when using this distro.

Installed Applications

Not many applications we found on the Live ISO. Even it shipped with 1.6 GB ISO file, you will only have some essential applications such as:

  • Firefox 55.0.1
  • Rhytmbox Music Player 3.4.1
  • LibreOffice
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client 52.2.1
  • Tweak Tool

To add or remove applications, Solus OS 3 has its own Software Center which is simple and very easy to use. Installing applications has never been this fun.

Hardware Detection

I run this Solus OS 3 on Lenovo ThinkPad T450 series. All hardware are detected working well including the graphic card, audio and also the WiFi device. If you have nVidia graphic device, Solus OS can automatically detect and install the driver if you want via DoFlicky Driver Management.

Thanks for reading this Solus OS 3 GNOME Review. I hope this short review can bring a clear overview of the new Solus OS 3. Cheers.

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