Solus OS 3.0 – Great Linux Distribution but still needs a lot of works

Solus OS 3.0 is an impressive Linux distribution. I got a chance to test this distribution on my laptop. Speaking of usability, Solus OS 3.0 works great as a desktop operating system. The Budgie Desktop works really well and I do love this Desktop Environment. It is lightweight and beautiful. The font selection and size are really artistic, blending very well with the desktop. Only one thing that needs to be better, the Wallpaper. Almost any Linux desktop I tried, none of them that has a good wallpaper.

Listening to my favorite music on Solus OS 3.0 is a fun. The sound quality is very good. I am not sure that the operating system has effect to the sound quality.

Installed Applications

Solus OS recognize any device I plugged in. External hard drives, USB flash disk work well with this Linux. It can read Windows NTFS filesystem without problems. Jump to the installed applications, there are many essential applications installed by default such as Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, Thunderbird Mail Client, Rhythmbox music player and Gnome MPV video player.


Talking about stability, Solus OS 3.0 seems not ready for this. There are several applications failed to launched during my Live sesion. And then my computer start to freeze. I have never experienced this issue before with other Linux distros I tried. This forced me to restart my computer.

Software Manager

Solus OS comes with their own software manager. Its a lightweight software manager, easy to use. BUT, a big but. It is very slow when I tried to install Google Chrome from the third party software section. It took me more than 30 minutes before I cancel it because I can’t wait any longer.

Does not like Ubuntu that uses DEB or Fedora with its RPM, Solus OS is exclusive. It does not support DEB or RPM since its not based on one of those distros. To be honest, its a pain in the ass when you try to install software that is not available through software center.


The installation process can be done in few minutes. It is very easy to use the built in installer to install Solus permanently. The Solus team has done a great job on this installer.

Final Thoughts

Solus OS has been become my favorite distro on some sections. There are still many things can be improved and fixed. I hope in the future releases, we can have a much better Solus OS.

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