Read THIS before installing Manjaro Deepin 17.0.1

This is the latest stable version of Manjaro Deepin 17.0.1. Manjaro Deepin is an Arch powered Linux distribution with Deepin Desktop Environment version 15.4 installed as default. Deepin is the most beautiful desktop environment available. It was developed by Chinese Linux community, the developer of Deepin Linux. Manjaro Deepin is specially designed for anyone who looking for Operating system that is not just simple and powerful but also beautiful in every corner.

Manjaro Deepin 17.0.1 is distributed as Live DVD (1.5 GB in size). It can be copied to USB flash disk and then can be used to boot your PC or laptop.

Here are some reason why you should choose Manjaro Deepin as your main OS:

1. Better Multitasking View

Multitask work is now made easier on Manjaro Deepin. Switch between workspaces is very easy. You can be more productive with this improvement.

2. Stylized Application Launcher

Nothing can beat Deepin App Launcer. The modern app launcher will make your desktop more eye catching and also it easier to find any apps you want. 

3. Easy to Manage

Deepin Control Center is an integrated settings where we can access, modify many aspects of our system from one location.

4. Easy to use and lightweight

Compared to the original Deepin Linux 15.4, the Manjaro Deepin way better in term of resource usage. I can run Manjaro Deepin on my Virtualbox, something that almost impossible on Deepin 15.4.

5. Powerful yet beautiful

There is no doubt if Manjaro is a rock solid, rolling release distribution. I can rely myself on this Manjaro. With Deepin installed, it makes Manjaro Deepin not only stable, powerful. It also very beautiful and eye catching.

You may download Manjaro Deepin 17.0.1 from this link. You can then run it via Live USB or installed as guest machine on Virtualbox.


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