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Imagine how tasking it must have been to find someone centuries before now. In those days, one would
have to find out every detail about a person, to the tiniest thing as hair color or color of eyes, then you
might have to travel down to their dwelling city. However, it is easier to perform people search now
than in the past.
You can quickly look up a person online with just one detail, like a person’s full name or phone number.
This is possible due to search engines that help collate various details from various websites, social
media platforms, and public records. Radaris is one of such people search engines that provides a
comprehensive profile of each person search.

How Does Radaris Work?

Radaris is a “unique records company” and a powerful search engine that provides a comprehensive
profile for each person search. With gathered public records from various sources, Radaris boasts more
than 183 million names, 594 million people, and more than 224 million contact numbers in store; with
this wealth of information, one can be sure to have the most detailed search results. Names, phone
numbers, addresses, properties, and businesses are details you can search for on Radaris.

How to Use Radaris as a People Search Tool

Running Background Checks:
Radaris comes as an effective people lookup tool. If you have someone new who will start working for you and are unsure what to think of them, you can run a background check before sending them an invite. For your help at home, the maids, the cooks or the drivers, or even those hired to your
workplace—running background checks can help you get a clear picture of who you are letting into your space. People tend to present themselves as the best of people when looking to get a job; background checks help you ascertain their claims. With Radaris, details as simple as their full name are enough to run a check on them.

Find long-lost Relatives and Friends.
Have you been separated from a relative that you now wish to find? Or have you always wondered
where your old classmates or colleagues are now? Radaris helps you answer these questions as you can easily find people whom you have lost contact with in the past and reconnect with them. With their full names and other details, you can easily find their current location and make plans to reconnect.

Run checks on your potential homes:
When you search for a new place to move into, you want to ensure that it is the right place for you and not a place you would regret purchasing. Radaris allows you to look up records for the history of the property you are planning to purchase. Knowing who you will be surrounded with is also important when moving into a new environment. Running checks like this will not just help you feel protected but will also help you put measures in place to prevent trouble. You should be sure to check criminal records, reports of sex offenses, or any form of abuse.

Verify phone numbers:

Getting phone calls from an unknown phone number can be quite uncomfortable as it might be

challenging to verify the person’s identity. However, with the people finder tool, you can easily confirm who is calling you or verify that the identity they have provided is accurate. You can check out the phone number with Radaris, and you will get complete details of the person’s name and all other essential details that you might pique your interest.


Whether you want a basic background check or a comprehensive report about a person’s activities,
Radaris people search is a good tool for your needs. By collecting data from various sources, Radaris
puts together personal information, public records, social media records, property records, and even
work history and makes all the details into a detailed report about each person. Radaris is not just a tool
for people search, but for in-depth analyses of what a person has been involved in even from years way
behind. Want to know about a new friend you just met? Or a property you are interested in? Radaris has
you covered.

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