PrimeOS Review – Android OS for Your PC

Few years ago, Remix OS was my favorite Android OS for PC. It runs on almost any laptop and desktop. But unfortunately, Remix OS was shut down and no further development. It was a great operating system alternative for anyone who willing to run Android OS on laptop or PC. Now, PrimeOS is available and it has many promising features you can count on.

I am testing PrimeOS on Lenovo ThinkPad T420 series. It’s an old laptop but it can run this Android OS without problems. In this article, I am going to give a short review about features, and performance of PrimeOS. I run this OS in Live mode. I would recommend you to do the same way if you want to try this PrimeOS on your PC prior to the installation.

The Interface

PrimeOS impressed me from the very beginning. The boot menu, wallpaper, and overall user interface is very comfortable to use. It’s pretty similar to RemixOS or PhoenixOS.

On the bottom left, you will find the application menu where you can access all the installed applications.

The Performance

Before, I use Android emulator on my Windows 10 everytime I want to play Android games on my PC. But now, I can play my favorite Android games on my PC with much better performance. PrimeOS has full access to your PC hardware which in return the gaming performance will increase significantly.

The menu, window switching are also very responsive. I don’t feel any lags. It is very good. PrimeOS supports multi tasking. You can open multiple applications at once and switch between them easily using ALT+TAB combination.

Built-in File Manager

Like the traditional desktop operating systems, PrimeOS has a built-in file manager where we can manage files and folders easily. It has a simple user interface. It supports list and also thumbnail view.

The file manager supports multiple file systems including FAT32 and NTFS.

The Settings

You can tweak and customize PrimeOS using the Settings page. You will find many items here. For example, display settings, WiFi settings and many others.

PrimeOS also offers access to thousands of great wallpapers. It needs internet connection to download those wallpapers.

Gaming Center

For you who loves playing Android games, the Gaming Center will please you a lot. You can find any Android games from this application and then play it on PrimeOS desktop.

Closing Words

PrimeOS is good solution for you who wants to turn your old laptop or PC into an Android based workstation. The compatibility to any Android applications and games makes this PrimeOS is very interesting. Download and try it now.

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  1. This is the best Android based OS for PC that have least requirements and works better than PhoenixOS and android-x86 .

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